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Why Essential Games?

 We aim to provide a more relatable and fulfilling traditional gaming experience for everyone. With games that can be played more ways than one and across generations, the fun won't stop. Say goodbye to the struggle of trying to find games that are relatable and cultured, shop Essential Games and make your next game night official. 

The People have spoken!

"Had a great time playing with my husband and his friends who are music buffs. Good variety of songs that will definitely take you on a stroll down memory lane."

Kimelia Weathers Smith

"This game truly puts your music knowledge to the test in a fun competitive way! Had so much fun playing this on multiple occasions."

Shrell R.

"Love how you’re able to play this across age groups with different people! I appreciated the competitive nature of the game but also loved how the questions were accessible!"

Elizabeth Rene

"This game was sooooo much fun. I thought my answer was right (and the game was wrong) but nope. After thinking about for 4 days, I had to look it up."

Tamica O.

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