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Essential Games CEO and family

Our Story

The idea for our game “That Sounds Familiar” the original song sample guessing game, came first. It’s something I would do in the car with a friend. Making him guess where a familiar part of a song was originally from. I  jokingly said “Hey we should make this a game”….

I come from a big family who loves getting together. One of my favorite things growing up was game night. Being the youngest of six it was a way to connect with my siblings on a level playing field. Despite different personalities, ages and stages of life it was something we could all enjoy. I want to bridge the gap and help others in our community enjoy the little things, like game night with the crew. A chance to bond, laugh, play and create memories that will last a lifetime. I quickly realized that I wanted to create more than just one game. I wanted a company that would house dozens of black owned and created games. After tons of research and designing. Essential Games LLC was born.

-Auria Johnson

Meet The Team

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